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آمپلی فایر Powersoft K3 - وب سایت گروه تخصصی همارا

آمپلی فایر Powersoft K3

آمپلی فایر Powersoft K3

  • 1400 Watts per Channel @ 8 Ohms
  • 2600 Watts per Channel @ 4 Ohms
  • 2800 Watts per Channel @ 2 Ohms
  • Includes DSP & Networking
  • Designed for Touring Applications
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • 1U Rack Space

64,500,000 تومان

با توجه به نوسانات نرخ ارز لطفا با واحد فروش جهت استعلام قیمت نهایی و ثبت سفارش تماس بگیرید


The most versatile model due to an attractive mix of features, size and output power, making the K3 an outstanding value. It is built on the same technologies as every other K Series model, and indeed, the K3 produces the same great sound quality, no matter what type of loudspeaker it is connected to.

In use worldwide by leading touring and event sound companies, K Series is preferred among the top ranking system designers, sound engineers, and system techs on the road for making their lives easier, giving them reliable premier-grade power and headroom in the smallest possible package size.

Fully digitally controlled and with a serial PC communication port as standard, the K3 is also available with KDSP board and KAESOP Ethernet/AES3 interface: the K3 DSP+AESOP amounts to a fully integrated, highly sophisticated yet easy to use power source including state-of-the-art sound shaping and system management capabilities, remotely controllable via Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus (Interface available for MediaMatrix, Crestron, AMX, Q-SYS control, and monitoring systems).

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